EASTVALE  SUPER SPORT    12354 Limonite Avenue Eastvale, CA 91752   (951) 360-1696

THURSDAYS  6:30 pm 

 Become a P90X LIVE Instructor!:

Are you ready to Bring It® as a P90X® LIVE Instructor? Now, YOU can be the one to offer the mind-blowing results of this proven total-body conditioning class! Get ready to lead extreme workouts that, using the science of Muscle Confusion™, constantly switch things up to help your class bust through plateaus.

Register for a workshop at P90XLIVE.com 

​12873A Mountain Avenue Chino, CA 91710     909-548-3333

 TUESDAYS   INSANITY     7:15 pm  

 WEDNESDAYS  P90X        7:00 pm     

 THURSDAYS  INSANITY    8:00 pm    

 SATURDAYS  P90X            9:30 am

 6429 Pats Ranch Rd Mira Loma, CA 91752

  MONDAYS  P90X                 6:00 pm

  FRIDAYS  INSANITY            6:30 pm

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