Become a P90X LIVE Instructor!:

Are you ready to Bring It® as a P90X® LIVE Instructor? Now, YOU can be the one to offer the mind-blowing results of this proven total-body conditioning class! Get ready to lead extreme workouts that, using the science of Muscle Confusion™, constantly switch things up to help your class bust through plateaus.

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You have the power to change lives......LEAD INSANITY LIVE

When you become and INSANITY LIVE Instructor, you'll gain the credentials, and the respect, that put you in the most elite group of fitness pros in town. You'll be a superstar who helps fill classes, delivers incredible results, and gets calls from all the gyms. 

It's an accomplishment that feels good each time your class looks up to you and makes progress, because of you. Bring your personality and ability to INSPIRE to run the best class around. 


Master Trainer

​12873A Mountain Avenue Chino, CA 91710     909-548-3333

 TUESDAYS   INSANITY     7:15 pm  

 WEDNESDAYS  P90X        7:00 pm     

 THURSDAYS  INSANITY    8:00 pm    

 SATURDAYS  P90X            9:30 am

 6429 Pats Ranch Rd Mira Loma, CA 91752       951-582-9919

  MONDAYS  P90X                 6:00 pm

  FRIDAYS  INSANITY            6:30 pm